Worry About Scam Taxi – How To Avoid?

Worry About Scam Taxi – How To Avoid?

Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?

Taxis are convenient vehicles when you traveling in Vietnam or anywhere. Especially in places where the public transports are not much or unsafe for tourists. However, as you know: the risk of scam taxi always problem that all tourist often face. I’m really ashamed of quite a lot of backpackers when traveling in Vietnam have to encounter those problems. To avoid the loss of money, I will share you some information to help you be alert and cope with this…

1.Check whether that taxi is safe

It may seem a bit complicated, you should review the characteristics of the scam taxi. It necessarily helps you got avoided troubles in reality.
Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?
Tourists are often the target of “overcharged of price” or got imposed unreasonable charges. In addition, solo female travel can are the victim at risk of robbery, kidnap or sexual harassment.
You can check information about the safety of destination as soon as planning your trip through travel guides, internets, even through government warnings.
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2. Use the legitimate and reliable service Taxi

You can avoid the risks by using the services of companies with legal business licenses. Taxis which not registered this license often not checked for safety level and sometimes it’s the disguise of the bad guys.

Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?

Choosing for reliable taxi companies by identifying the color, signage, telephone number of that company. You can easily find this information on the websites or ask the receptionist at the hotel.

3. Scam taxi driver can be a hotel brokers to get the commission

Even if you have booked your hotel room before the trip. However, if you encounter a taxi driver (who in scam taxi line), he can make up many reasons tell you convincingly that the hotel you have booked has does not work anymore. Next, he offers you another hotel, with the variety of good reasons. Of course, those hotels already “be colluded” to scammer taxi, so probably the price of the room will be increased, and may its location quite inconvenient.
Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?
Firstly, you should book hotel rooms through reputable booking sites like Booking.com, Agoda.com … and make a payment in advance. This will help you to reduce the cost of direct booking at the hotel on arrival. In addition, some hotels also offer airport pick up / drop off guests to avoid deceived by scam taxi.

4. Scam taxi drivers often charged overcharge prices

When you travel somewhere, you will certainly have to use taxi services at the destination, and your problem here is … taxi driver. The majority of taxi drivers are honest, always help you enthusiastically. But the few of them always willing to overcharging prices with strangers, foreigners, especially those who do not research the necessary information before the trip.
The common type of scam taxi is they do not turn on the meter or it has been adjusted. Due to tourists who do not know the terrain in the new city, they will take advantage to cheat on taxi fare, you may be charged doubling or triple the amount you pay.
Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?

You need to know where you go. Taking a local map and track the route you go. When you know the route clearly, you will avoid being the scam taxi moved around or misunderstood. Pretend as you know the routes and the milestones throughout the trip.

When you need moving by taxi, find out how to get there, check the tourist map; and willing BARGAIN with taxis which without a charge meter. Take the initiative to avoid cheated with the scam taxi drivers.
Find out about the transportations at the destination. Buses and taxis are the necessary means must for any trip. In many countries, buses are now available everywhere help to move more conveniently. Therefore, please read the travel guide of destination carefully to get an overview of the public transport there.
Always have a map in hand, identifying exactly where you are and where you intend to go. Use of GPS technology also the great help for you.
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5. Look closely before getting in the taxi (especially for women)

You should call another taxi if the one you just choose has the following manifestations:

– Vehicles with signs of not be maintained for a long time.

– On the car lacks somethings like as the handle inside the door, the seatbelt… The car with a sloppy number plate or not having.

– The taxi driver shows the signs of being drunk.

– The taxi driver seems not to know the area or not clear your destination.

– If in the car already has any person, get away! You only staying in the taxi if you know or trusted them.

Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?

6. Taxi drivers look friendly but a being a fraud guy.

One thing that you must always be stay alert is the eating. Traveling in strange places, enjoying local food is the desire of many people. But what should eat, where should eat?

Normally, when you catch a taxi, you will meet a driver guy who very friendly, fun, show the thoughtful, suggested where you want to play, where to eat… Behind that friendly enthusiasm, it may another trick. Factly, they got commissions from the tour agents, eateries, restaurants … By showing the good impression at the first, surely the suggestions of friendly driver will be more prestigious on you. And then, you book a sightseeing tour, enjoy the food … so, the amount you have to pay for services and eating will be many times higher than the real value of it. Because it includes the amount of commission money that the driver guys earned … !!!

Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?

Believe in yourself !!! Absolutely not believe in the advice of taxi drivers, pedicabs or motorbike taxi. If you need more information about the destinations, restaurants … or any information about where you are traveling; The SAFETEST WAY is to ask hotel receptionist. It is the person who can help you avoid bad situations !!!

As you probably know have heard this advice before: Pretend that you not to be a tourist. This makes you avoid the attention of bad guys, leads to being a victim.

7. Act with caution

Pretend that you intend to visit someone at the destination. You should not disclose personal information to avoid being abused. You can take a picture of a taxi car or license plate in case you get ripped off.
Avoid the disagreements of tip price by finding out the culture tips at where you are traveling. For example, in most European countries, North America and Africa, tip price be charged 10% of the bill. In Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, you simply need to round the amount on the bill. While in India and China, you do not necessarily money tip.
Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?
Also note that some destinations, the money tip will be charged at higher rates in peak time, nights, weekends, or when traveling through special areas. And in many countries, you have to negotiate a price before wears a seatbelt.

8. Know who you gonna call when need helping

Emergency phones numbers are “amulets” that you always need regardless of where you go. You can write some numbers below on paper or save to your cell phone:

Worry About Scam Taxi - How To Avoid?

– Local police.

– Tourist support services (if any).

– The hotel where you stay.
– The company provides the travel package that you order.
– The emergency line of your embassy in the country you are traveling.
Okay, after reading 8 things above, I hope you have enough confidence to solve problems easily with scam taxi guys when traveling in Vietnam or anywhere. Do not hesitate, if you want to travel solo, get started right away. Why don’t you choose Vietnam as the destination because of this country is peaceful with rustic scenery and the varied cultural? So, start right now so that you have the best experience in Vietnam or anywhere.
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