What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

Solo female travel apart from the risks such as robbery, murder, loss of passports, loss of money, even the rape risk. However, don’t let the fear stop your passion. Why?

I would like to write down the list of risks that can happen to females who love solo travel. We can analyze and find out the resolution for that problem!

1. Risk of robbery

If you got robbed, the small part is due to random factors, there are many people are also travel alone, why you are the victim? However, the causes which contribute the most to this risk is that yourself. Why don’t you be vigilant? Why you not beware? Why you not finding the safe places and think how to protect for yourself? Because you have facilitated the bandits to pay attention to, then them track you and take action.

What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

Don’t let yourself fall into dangerous situations. When going out alone, should only bring a small amount of money. Credit cards also only should have a bit of money, if you lost the credit card, also do not take much.

2. Losing of passport or important documents

What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

Important papers should always be carrying with you. Avoid the possibility of forgetting or losing. If lost, try to be optimistic, trying to solve the problem calmly. Anyway, things have already happened, get into a state of panic, screaming is also useless. If you get scared and worried, it makes you lose temper. The panic can bring more bad consequences.

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3. Fear of killed

What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

Do you afraid of being killed? Only the worst case, you faced the desperate bandits who really need money, such as addicts, or being debt. The rests reasons also caused by your reactions. Your reaction is strong but stupid made them twisted up, furious, then take action. In normal, once got money, there’s no one intend to killed people then to be imprisoned, and receive the death penalty. Be smart and calm!

4. Fear of Raped

Are you afraid of being raped? If you feel someone teases or has bad intentions, just show your definitive attitude so that they understand and stopped that action. Therefore, when you do this well, it’s not easy for a man to arise bad intention with you.

In addition, a solo female travel should limited arrive quiet places, dark nights, go with strangers. But what if you obeyed all the above, but still meet a metamorphosis guy what? The important thing is just calm down and think about how to handle it. Some female friends say that every time they go out, always bring a bottle of spray perfume so that in case of face a bad person, she takes it out, sprays on that guy’s eyes, and runs away. Or pretend to follow their orders, then find a way to kick on the lower part of bad guys’ abdomen (many people use this way) and quickly escape as quickly as possible.

5. Other fears for solo female travel

In addition, other worrying factors for solo female travel can be listed such as accident, illness. Accidents (such as traffic accident) happen in randomly, it’s due to the game of chance. The illness risks should be controlled. For example, you have to prepare yourself good health, good psychology before the trip. At the destination, you should avoid eating unfamiliar things, which can harm yourself (especially those with a history of illness). However, on the backpacking trip, everyone wants to have a new experience. So if something happens, should gladly accept it, see it as the new experience for yourself.

What Are Potential Risks For Solo Female Travel?

Additional, there are some fears of women such as fear of being alone, fear of dark … You should understand your fears and consider the options for safety. If you really like to be a role model of solo female travel, like to experience the new land, the fears are just the minor problem.

For solo female travel, apart from what that you can control. Traveling need passion to go. If you want to solo travel, plan for yourself, and maybe after the trip, you will find yourself overcome many fears, and be stronger!

Above is a list of hidden dangers for solo female travel that I gathered from travel tips of female friends. Hopefully, with this article, I have provided you with useful information and can help you get the best preparations for your trip.

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