Taking motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, roads to heaven

Taking motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, roads to heaven

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

Taking motorcycle travel throughout Ha Giang is one of the most memorable moment I ever experienced. This trip has changed my mind about Ha Giang. The beauty of Ha Giang rocky plateau, the friendliness and hospitable of ethnic minority populations here, and even more, the spectacular roads… It is the most amazing experience of mine.

Motorcycle travel idea

Traveling in Vietnam, you can enjoy the wonderful holiday in the beautiful beaches, conquer the spectacular mountains, and visit the popular historical monuments, etc. There are many attractive places for you to explore and experience as Nha Trang, Sapa, Hue Imperial city… And as for me, beside Hoi An, Ha Giang as the most impresses and memorable place

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

I haven’t ever take a motorcycle travel trip in Ha Giang before and not got much information about this trip. The trip comes to me unexpectedly, some friends who love motorcycle travel invited me to go with them … I had got a little worried. And now, when I look back, the trip to Ha Giang is a right decision of mine. I had a lot of amazing moments with a motorcycle in this land.

In 2014, the second time I took solo travel in Hanoi. Although Hanoi and Saigon both are all large and bustling cities, Hanoi still owns its beauty very different from Saigon. It is the gentle and deep beauty instead of the mix-up beauty of Saigon. After a few days exploring Hanoi, I wondered what to do on the next days, some of my close friends in Hanoi proposed let take a motorcycle travel trip to Ha Giang. At that time, Ha Giang was a place where quite mysterious to me. However, due to out of curiosity and eagerness, I still decided to take the adventure motorcycle trip to Ha Giang with some guys.

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

Before the trip, there’re many questions appear in my mind. “Why did my friend choose Ha Giang instead of another place?, Why didn’t come to joyful places such as the beaches?”. “How can we overcome the zigzag passes in Ha Giang?”. A series of unanswered questions. However, after the trip, I had found the answers for myself.

My friend phoned Nam, his friend who lived in Ha Giang. Nam will prepare motorcycles and some necessities for us.

We only discuss the trip through Facebook, messages, therefore when leaving Hanoi, I felt a bit nervous. However, everything isn’t as hard as I thought. From Hanoi, we catch a bus to Ha Giang for 200.000 Vnd (about 10$). After 8 hours, the bus stopped in a peaceful small town of Ha Giang province. It’s not difficult for us to find a good hotel with priced 300,000 Vnd. The next morning, we had a met Nam at the tourist resort where he working on. He prepared a delicious breakfast with beer for us. After breakfast, we start the trip with rented motorbikes. Dong Van will be the first place we arrive.

Visiting Dong Van Market

Dong Van Market opens every Sunday. There’s a lot of ethnic minority peoples come here to trade and exchange goods. This place quite crowded and bustling with many activities exchange items such as vegetables, cattle, poultry, farming tools, clothing, cosmetics….We also see a lot of Vietnamese tourists and Western backpackers visit this market.

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

We taking coffee at a cafe inside the market and watching people shopping. The young girls in the colorful brocade dresses make the scenery became more lively. After walking around the market, we go to another famous place in Dong Van is Lung Cu flag pole.

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

We driving motorcycles along mountain slopes to reach the flagpole. What a poetic and majestic scenery! I admire people and nature here. Despite the rough and dangerous terrain, all everything owns a fresh beauty which full of vitality. We saw the flagpole Lung Cu flies on the top, but in order to get there, I must pass a long way.

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

After visiting the flagpole, we go back to the hotel when the sun slowly descended. It is fortunate that I can catch this precious moment, looking at the beautiful sunset and the mountains. The golden sunshine stretching on the valley, making scenery as splendid as a picture.

The trip to Dong Van and come back to Ha Giang

On the next day, we come to Meo Vac Town, 150 km from Ha Giang City. It is the hometown of many ethnic minority communities. This place is less influenced by outside culture, local people still retain their own unique identity in the culture and custom. I saw many new things in their daily life. Their lives so simple and rustic, which the things left nice impressions for me. After resting at Meo Vac, we return to Ha Giang.

Motorcycle travel on Ha Giang, the road to heaven

This motorcycle travel trips really is my own meaningful and interesting thing. It completely changed my initial thoughts about mountainous destinations. However, I also warned that the roads in Ha Giang very twisty and dangerous, the mountain range has many high peaks and deep abyss, easy to get shocked so it requires a bit driving skills and courage, especially when taking motorcycle travel. But it certainly the road to heaven for those who love adventure and discovery.

Have you ever take motorcycle travel to Ha Giang? I’m glad to see your feelings. Share with me by leaving the comment below! Glad to see your opinion!

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