Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

I have taken the Sapa tour several times. I realized that at this misty town, each of season has its own beauty. Any Sapa’s season also worth for you to experience at least at once. Sapa at an average height of 1.500 m – 1.800 m, the climate here is almost similar to Europe, average temperature 15-18 °C, the weather often cool all year round.

The time from March and May and from September to November are the best climate time of Sapa. If you take the Sapa tour at this time, you will have the chance to see many unique local festivals and the picturesque terraced rice fields.

From May to August is the rainy season, however, it’s also the flowering season. It’s a great time for photographing.

If you want to experience the cold and try the grilling food in Sapa, you should make the Sapa tour at the end of December and Lunar New Year, when Sapa getting coldest. At that time, the thick mist cover all the town, you even have a chance to see snow. You will feel like being standing in somewhere Europe.

How to arrived Sapa

Going by motorbike in groups

Traveling throughout Vietnam destinations by motorbikes considered one of the unforgettable experiences and also a trend of Vietnamese youths. The road from Hanoi to Sapa is long nearly 400 km, it’s considered as one of the best spectacular roads of Vietnam, so to enjoy the beautiful scenery, it requires you have a good health. Of course, running on the long road and full of dangerous such, you should go with companions.

Solo travel

If taking the Sapa tour in alone, you should choose trains or buses. You will arrive at Lao Cai city first, then catch the bus and go to Sapa, about 40 km away. The road is crooked along the side of the mountains, you have enjoyed a lot of spectacular natural landscapes. The bus stop and train station quite near each other, so even if you arrived Lao Cai by train, you also easily catch the bus go to Sapa.

At Sapa, you can choose many types of vehicles for moving such as taxi, bus, motorbike. I recommend you should rent the motorbike to move more convenient. There are many motorbikes rental services located along the streets or you can hire a motorbike right at the hotel you booked.

Places to visit in Sapa

 Sapa Town
When traveling in Sapa, you can be walking all day without feeling weary because of its area quite small. Stone Church located downtown, a most famous place in Sapa. You can stroll around the church, photographing and take the rest on the benches. Beside the Stone Church, Sapa market also a famous place where bustling with trading activities of natives. The streets, every small corner, each cafe all bore the ancient architectural style of French. That reason why I said when you walking here, you will feel like being wandering on street somewhere in Europe. In the early morning or night, you should walk around the lake, breath the cold and fresh air, enjoy the peaceful feeling. On the foggy mornings such, Sapa as glamorous as Sleeping Beauty.
Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

 Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain located in the heart of town, so you can be walking to get there from the hotel, just buy tickets and take sightseeing the scenery. This is a place where you can take a look at the whole of Sapa town, Ta Phin village, Muong Hoa valley. On the early morning standing here, you will see Sapa loomed in the thin veil of fog, it’s fanciful like a water-color painting.

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 Cat Cat village

It’s a Hmong ethnic village away from town 2 km. This village is a place for you find out the culture of local residents. You can experience the life of native people through the small houses with unique architecture which built on the mountainside. The architecture of houses in Cat Cat village owns unique features such as the roofs made from po-mu wood, the house’s frame has three columns horizontal truss. The columns are grown on the round or square stones. Walls are roofed by timber with three doors: the main door leads in the main space, two doors on either side of the house. The main door is always closed, it opens only when having wedding, holidays. The house has the worship space, all activities like eating, sleeping, cooking, and reception all conducted on the floor.

Cat Cat village is formed from the mid-19 century, it’s originated from the households who settled on the mountainside and gathered together. They grow rice on terraced fields; grow the corn on the mountain by primitive cultivation methods. Most houses are simple with a desk, bed and cooking stove…

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Silver Falls

The Silver Waterfall located underneath O Quy Ho pass, it’s about 12 km away from Sapa. At the high of 100 meters, the white foaming water falling down spectacularly. I stand under the falls and see the mountains are hidden by the mist on the horizon, felt myself getting small in the breathtaking grandeur of nature. What an spectacular scenery!

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Rattan Bridge

Rattan Bridge is made of rattan and Song (a type of creeper). Rattan Bridge is about 17 km away from Sapa town to the south-east. From the highway, you must go on a sloping road with many bends. However, when approached Ta Van, the road is expanded, moving very convenient! Visit here, you should spend about few hours to sightseeing and shooting images. If you stand at the stream looking up to the bridge, you will feel the peace moment among the wild of forest and the sound of the streams. Sometimes, some young girls wear traditional costumes, carrying umbrella and walking on the bridge make the scenery getting poetic and vivid. In order cross this bridge, it require you to have bravery, because of each plank about 20 cm apart, make you get dizzy when walking on there and look down the stream. A challenging bridge, I guess you will try this adventurous sense, well, it also considered being a memorable moment of the Sapa tour. If you get here at early morning, will see the bridge got dimly by the thick mist rising up from the stream, like as being walking on the clouds. This romantic bridge has become the attractive destination for many backpackers, especially the couples who want to keep the unforgettable moments.

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Heaven Gate

Heaven Gate is one of the famous spots that anyone who traveling Sapa should not skip it. It is an ideal place to see the unspoiled beauty of Sapa as well as the majestic scenery of Hoang Lien mountains range. Heaven Gate is far away 18 kilometers from Sapa town. The road arrives here twisted through the mountains, the rocky cliffs on one side and the abyss with the unexplored primeval forests on the other. Standing at Heaven’s Gate, you can look down the entire wide valley beneath, enjoy the wonderful scene of the terraced fields, the green corn fields, and the grandeur Fansipan mountain.

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Eating in Sapa

Whenever I arrived at a new land, I often visit the local marketplace. Why? May the local marketplace is the best place to find out the culture and lives of the resident. The Sapa market located next to Stone Church. Visit this market, you can take eating, shopping, sightseeing to get more understanding of Sapa. Although the Sapa market is not too big, you still easily find a lot of local foods very tasty and cheap. Foods in Sapa is very diverse and rich. You can enjoy the grilled foods and San Lung wine here or anywhere in the town. There are many strange grilling foods such as grilled egg, grilled intestine, grilled gastric, grilled chicken, baked chestnuts, bamboo cooked rice. Furthermore, in the town center, there are many good restaurants. You can taste the typical dishes of natives such as vegetable, Salmon fish, stream fish, Cap Nach Pork, Thang Co, grilling foods…

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Bathing With Herbs

After a long day wandering with Sapa tour, perhaps I must experience the Herbal Bath service here. Bathing in Herbs has appeared long ago in Ta Phin village of Red Dao ethnic. This is a bathing method very good for human health. The stages of processing Herbal are quite complicated includes 10 different types which were processing in several ways. The formulas have been passed down from generation to generation ran in families. In former time, the herbal resources were taken from the forest. Now, it getting scarce, so locals plant it on the hillside or fields. According to the custom of natives, bathing in herbal only effectively when you soaked in the tub made of pinewood or po-mu wood.

Sapa tour – Where should you go in the misty town?

Necessary things for Sapa tour

  • You should wear warm clothes and a scarf, hat or umbrella to avoid the small rain or dew. Besides, you should use masks or wrap a scarf while ride motorbike in cold weather.
  • You should check the motorbike carefully because on the way there’s a lot of dangerous ramps. Especially when riding a motorbike on the pass because vision is limited by the thick fog.

Are you ready for the Sapa tour? If you are wondering what to do there, let see 10 things to do in Sapa. Hope it will be useful to you.

The mountainous in north Vietnam famous for its rustic beauty and majestic scenery. It’s not only in Sapa, there’s one more place where attracted many backpackers by its grandeur landscape. Let’s visit Ha Giang – the road to heaven.

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