One Day Trip In Saigon – What Should You Do?

One Day Trip In Saigon – What Should You Do?

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?

For those who first time traveling Saigon, they would probably assume that Saigon only the cafes, there is nowhere to play, explore or experience. However, only one day trip in Saigon, you can see the attraction of this city. I would love to wander every corner when traveling somewhere. Hanoi, Sapa, Hoi An … those places all bring me nice experiences, and now, an emotion with Saigon! Following my trip below, and you will have to say: “Oh, how Saigon exciting!”

One Day Trip In Saigon


If you want to enjoy the fresh and peaceful space of Saigon before this city steps into the hustle and bustle pace, you should wake up at 6 am. By this time still quiet, the roads are not too crowded. Walking along the streets of Saigon, you can get yourself a tasty breakfast, and the price is not too expensive, from VND 20,000 to VND 35,000 (about 1-2$). The local foods for breakfast here include bánh cuốn (steamed rolled rice pancake) and cơm tấm sài gòn (broken rice with grilled ribs ).

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?

A special thing in Saigon that anyone come here feel very interesting is that the attitude of serving the customers of service staffs here is always gentle, kindness and dedicated. It’s good to start a day with a hot bowl of hủ tiếu which served by a thoughtful service!

After having breakfast, you should go to a sidewalk cafe and treat yourself a glass of iced coffee, milk or black. Enjoying coffee and seeing the hustle and bustle of daily life is my hobby. Saigonese also has a habit of enjoying sidewalk coffee in the morning. Oh! perhaps, it’s an enjoyable empathy! Just a stool and a cup of coffee, you will get an inspired morning right on the sidewalk. Well, start one day trip at Saigon by coffee now!

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?


One day trip in Saigon, you should spend the time to visit Ben Thanh Market. Walking around Ben Thanh Market has become a hobby of many tourists, backpackers. This is a city’s cultural symbol where you can find almost everything from the common to high-class products, all goods such as clothing, jewelry, utensils, souvenirs, candy, fruit …

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?

In addition to sightseeing and exploring the trading activities of locals, you can have a lunch by a bowl of hot noodles soup or a bowl of hủ tiếu at cheap prices. Ben Thanh Market is a good place for lunch. Food in this market very varied from the main dishes such as cơm tấm (broken rice), bún mắm ((rice vermicelli with fermented fish broth), spring rolls… or snacks such as rice paper rolls, banana crackers, nem lụi (grilled chopped meat), bánh xèo, chè (southern sweet porridge)…

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?


Saigon atmosphere in the afternoon is usually getting cool, so you should take a walk on the streets. Sightseeing and buy a few some things, you can come around Bitexco – the tallest building in Saigon. If you love shopping, should arrive Taka Plaza or Saigon Square located on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street in District 1. This is known as the busiest shopping in Saigon. If you want to buy something, remember to bargain. If you do not prefer shopping, can choose for yourself a cafe, listening to music and enjoy drinks.

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?

You can go to the Moonlight Coffee Lounge on the top floor of CT Plaza in Truong Son Street, Tan Binh District. Here, you can enjoy coffee while watching the plane take off or landing.

One day trip in Saigon, you should not skip sightseeing tour of Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica. The church located in the heart of District 1 – the oldest and most crowded district of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s also a place where has the highest living standards. Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica is like the soul of the city. Along with the city, It’s spent the vicissitudes and witnessing much change of history. The architecture of the church was built according to the design of architect J.Bourard with the Roman style mixed with the Gothic style.

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?


In the evening, probably it is the time you should go out to enjoy the warm and bustling air in Saigon. There’s a special destination, the most attracts a lot of backpackers probably the Western Quarter – Bui Vien. Every evening, the air here is extremely boisterous with the loud music and the crowds of people chatting and drinking. Here, you will sit on either side of the road on a small chair, order a drink and some junk food such as grilled octopus, boiled eggs. To get full experience at the Western Quarter, you should arrive here at 8 PM.

One Day Trip In Saigon - What Should You Do?

If you do not want to sit on the sidewalk, can go to a bar or pub. For example, Le Pub on Bui Vien Street, at here, you can enjoy cocktails or wine which contained in a glass tube. Is it worth a try?

Your sightseeing tour in Saigon will incomplete if you have not tried the Saigon snail. Saigon is famous for its snail dishes. You can visit the tasty snails stall on Le Thi Bach Cat Street in District 11 or eat snail on Ky Dong. There are offering a lot of delicious street foods as the stewed pincers crab, snail fried with coconut … Price per disk ranges from 30,000 to 80,000 VND (about 2-4$).

You can see some things to do in Saigon to have many options for your Saigon tour

Best things to do in Ho Chi Minh city for backpackers

Just one day trip in Saigon, getting around the bustle places, the suggestions from my trip will help you clearly understand the rhythm of Saigonese. Wish you have a great trip to explore Saigon within one day. Do not forget to share the values you feel about Saigon with me and others.

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