Hoi An Food Tour – Exploring 8 Best Dishes You Must Eat

Hoi An Food Tour – Exploring 8 Best Dishes You Must Eat

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

Hoi An food is rich and diversified, famous for many excellent dishes such as cao lầu, mì Quảng (Quang noodles) or chicken rice. Visit Hoi An ancient town, in addition, enjoy the peaceful scene, you should have chances to explore Hoi An food which famous all over Vietnam. In this article, I will introduce the 12 best dishes of Hoi An food. Any tourists, backpackers especially the connoisseurs all must eat at least once when visiting Hoi An.

What’s in Hoi An food?

1. Hoi An chicken rice

Apart from the renowned in Hoi An, chicken rice is also a favorite dish at other places in Vietnam. Even in Hanoi, there are a lot of chicken rice restaurants bearing Hoi An brand, but probably no any place can own the particular flavor of this dish as Hoi An ancient town.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

To make the delicious chicken rice, the rice must be marinated in spicy, then cooked with chicken boiled water and pineapple leaves. In particular, the rice is cooked with firewoods rather than rice cooker. Because of cooked with firewoods can keep the rustic feature of traditional, which create a unique flavor of Hoi An chicken rice. In addition, after boiled, chicken meat are torn into fine strips, mix well with the onions, herbs, and spices then put on a rice plate. Chicken rice eaten with sweet and sour cucumber, herbs from Tra Que Village and a hot soup bowl.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

The best place to eat chicken rice is Ba Buoi restaurant at 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street. You should arrive a little early to enjoy this delicious dish because this restaurant is so popular with chicken rice, so it’s only served until around 7 pm.


22 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An

Price: 30.000đ – 55.000 Vnd

2. Bánh Bèo Hoi An (Savory Steamed Rice Cakes)

For Vietnamese food, bánh bèo is a popular dish, each place has its own flavors. For example, Hue’s bánh bèo is thin with dried shrimp powder, eaten with cracklings. Bánh bèo in Hoi An is large and thick. Rice flour is poured in each plate and placed into the steamer. When steamed done, bánh bèo has the white, soft smooth, there is a whirl round in the center. The fillings are made from shrimps, chopped meat, marinated with spices then frying, added a little rice flour make the fillings become a thick liquid. Particularly, in Hoi An, people do not use chopsticks or forks to eat bánh bèo, they use a small bamboo stick which sharpened into form a knife, called “bamboo knife” to eat the cake. This unique style also makes tourists get curious, it’s a difference of bánh bèo Hoi An.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

In Hoi An, you should enjoy bánh bèo at the street food stalls. Enjoy Hoi An food as a local people to feel full of the flavor of this delicious dish.

Price: 10.000đ – 15.000 Vnd

3. Bánh đập – Hến xào ( Rice crackers – Fried Mussels)

This is a kind of cake is a very popular dish of people in Quang Nam, which considered as a unique dish of Hoi An food. Bánh đập also called bánh chập, a layer of wet cake placed between two pieces of thinly girdle cake. When you eat bánh đập, not only feel the crispness of the cake but also feel the sweet taste of the wet cake. Normally, bánh đập often be eaten along with hến xào to increase the greasy taste.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

Places to eat delicious bánh đập in Hoi An is Bà Già eatery at Cam Nam Village, near Cam Nam bridge about 200m.

Price: 20.000đ – 55.000 Vnd

4. Bánh Mì Hội An (Hoi An Sandwich)

Bánh mì Hoi An is not only famous all over Vietnam but also on the world. Many international food specialists have highly praised this most famous dish of Hoi An food. Bánh mì Hoi An with herbs, cucumber, barbeque bring a great taste. At the famous bakeries in Hoi An always got crowded of people to buy bánh mì. Sometimes, even late at night, there are some people still line up to buy and enjoy this delicious sandwich.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

When traveling Hoi An, you should enjoy bánh mì at least once. Places to eat this delicious food are Madam Khanh located on Tran Cao Van Street or Phuong bakery on the Phan Chu Trinh street. These places are the famous bakeries has been praised by many foreign experts.


Madam Khanh, 135 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An
Bánh Mì Phượng, 2B Phan Chu Trinh Hoi An

Price: 20.000 Vnd

5. Bánh bao vạc (White rose)

This is also one of the delicious specialties famous for you when visiting Hoi An. Many Western backpackers have named this cake as the “white rose” because of its shape as small as a white rose flower which made of steamed rice flour. The chefs kneaded the flour and steamed, the fillings include shrimps usually cooked with fresh mushrooms, bean sprouts, onions and served with aromatic fried onion.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

The best place to eat white roses cake is the White Rose at 533 Hai Ba Trung (Trung Nhi).


533 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An
Price: 50.000 – 100.000 Vnd

6. Chè ngô (Corn pudding)

After you taste the best dishes of Hoi An food, you can try the chè ngô (corn pudding), a popular sweet dessert. Chè ngô (Corn pudding) is made from the corn originated Cam Nam village, where famous for growing corn in Hoi An. Fresh corn is cleaned and boiling, get the sweet juice and then scraped it thinly. Corn pudding is pasty, smooth, transparent with the mixture in the bright yellow color of young corn, looks so delicious. To increase the sweet taste of corn pudding, people often poured on a bit of coconut milk. When eating, you stir well the pudding corn with coconut milk to get fully the attractive aroma of corn mix with the aroma of coconut.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

If wandering the ancient town and feels weary in legs, you can stop and enjoy chè ngô (corn pudding) at any sidewalk stalls. In the hot summer, eating a bowl of corn pudding will repulse back the thirst, as a cool gift of the ancient town.

Price: 5000 – 10000 Vnd

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7. Mì Quảng (Quang noodle)

If Hanoi is famous for phở, Hue has bún bò then Hoi An is famous for mì Quảng! It’s unlike bún bò or phở, the noodle fibers of mì Quảng is a little bit thicker, and have a bright yellow as turmeric. In case of phở, the chef often stewing bone to get the broth, with mì Quảng, the broth is made from shrimp, pork, sometimes the chef even stewing chicken to get the sweet of broth. The broth is not only included bone, meat but also tomato and pineapple to create a unique fragrance. Especially, you should eat mì Quảng with raw vegetables which from Tra Que village to enjoyed fully the delicious taste of this dish. Unlike the vegetables used in phở, bún bò, vegetables served with mì Quảng have a bitter taste, but when eaten with noodles, it’s not difficult to eat, vice versa, it brings the perfect and delicious flavor.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

In Hoi An, it is easy to find and enjoy a good bowl of Quang noodle, but to get and feel the rustic charms and the idyllic lifestyle of Hoi An, you should find the mì Quảng’s hawkers. Definitely, you will have the experience unforgettable.

Price: 15.000-40.000 Vnd

8. Cao Lầu

I have talked about this specialty dish in the things to do in Hoi An. This is a dish that when mentioned it, everyone thinks of Hoi An. This dish derived Chinese and a bit like Japanese Udon noodles. In the words of the chefs who made the cao lầu, in order to make the noodle fibers for this dish, they have to prepared complicatedly. It is not as simple as choosing the good rice such as when making phở, mì Quảng, bún bò, people must soaked rice into the ash water aim to the noodle fibers getting crispy but still soft and fragrant. Due to the rice is soaked in ash water, the noodle fibers of cao lầu also in the ash color, different from bún bò, phở, mì Quảng. Cao lầu is eaten with barbecued pork, cracklings, and the special sauce. Moreover, a plate of raw vegetable from Tra Que village is also an indispensable thing when eating cao lầu, it enhances the flavor of the dish and helps reduce the feeling of greasy.

Hoi An Food Tour - Exploring 9 Best Dishes You Must Eat

To enjoy a best cao lau, you can go to Thanh Thai Lau restaurant at 26 Thai Phien where highly appreciated by many visitors.

Price: 15.000-33.000 Vnd

As you can see, Hoi An is not only attractive by poetic ancient beauty but also countless delicious dishes, unique. Hoi An food is quite rustic but having the particular flavors from the hands of friendly and kindness locals. Have you ever eaten Hoi An food? What has the dish left the deepest impress to you? I’m very pleased to see your comments below!

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