Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Hanoi Food requires the delicate and elegant features in the processing stages. Thousands of year passed by, the traditional foods of Hanoi increasingly prove its value in Vietnam cuisine cultural. Here are 10 must-try foods in Hanoi to feel the miracle of Hanoi food…

Best foods in Hanoi

1. Phở (Noodle Soup)

Phở is a traditional food available throughout Vietnam, but according to connoisseurs, phở in Hanoi owns the distinctive flavors which only in Hanoi. Hanoi phở famous for its noodle fibers is soft, the broth is sweet, beef is tender and smells good. Especially, when cooking phở, Hanoi people often add a bit mì chính, a popular spicy in North Vietnam.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Beside the noodle fibers, beef or chicken meat is the main raw material of phở. Beef is chopped, dipped in broth so that it just medium cooked, got soft and tasty. The whole chicken is boiled and cut in small pieces, put in the bowl, cover noodles on, then pour broth into.

Where to eat in Hanoi
Pho Suong, 24 Trung Yen Dinh Liet St
Price: 15.000đ – 39.000Vnd

2. Bún Chả (vermicelli and grilled chopped meat)

Just like phở, bún chả available throughout Vietnam, every place has different flavors. However, when traveling in Hanoi, you must try bún chả, which the most signature dish of Hanoi food. Bún chả has 3 major components: sauce, grilled meat, and noodles. The sauce is the important factor that decides the talent of the chef. It includes many tastes of sour, salty, sweet, bitter from the spices as sugar, garlic, chili depend on the chef, in the sauce bowl also has green papayas, carrot.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Grilled meat made of pork, chopped in slices, add a bit spices and grilled on charcoal. The way to eat bún chả also show clearly the elegance of Hanoi. You should dip noodle in the sauce bowl that full of grilled meats and comes with some herbs. Bún chả’s delicious taste is the combination of grilled meats and herbs bring the unforgettable taste for many people. Make them remember Hanoi food at all times.

Where to eat in Hanoi
74 Hang Quat Hanoi Old Quarter
Price:25.000 – 40.000Vnd

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3. Bún thang (vermicelli with chicken soup)

It’s a dish beautifully served, that represent the elegant feature of Hanoi food. Bún thang is a perfect combination of color and taste. Bún thang includes dried shrimp, shredded chicken, giò lụa (lean pork paste), fried egg, fermented beet, salted duck egg, and vermicelli. Bún thang’s broth has the sweet taste which stewed by chicken bones or pork bone and prawn simmered.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

The raw materials to make bún thang always available, everyone can cook it easily but to get the tasty bún thang bowl must depend on the chef. So, bún thang regarded as a best sophisticated and elegant dish of Hanoi food.

Where to eat in Hanoi
Even in Hanoi, origin place of bún thang, it’s not all of bún thang restaurants are good. In this city, only some places where offer the delicious bún thang such as:
48 Cau Go (30.000 – 55.000Vnd),  11 Hang Hom (20.000 – 33.000Vnd),  11 Ha Hoi (25.000 – 55.000Vnd)

4. Chả Cá Lã Vọng (La Vong grilled sliced fish)

Cha Ca La Vong in Hanoi’s old quarter is rumored came from one of Vietnam’s oldest restaurants at beginning of the 20th century. The fishes are chopped into slices, marinated the spices, grilled over charcoal then fried again.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Hanoi food’s elegant style famous by its spices. Cha Ca La Vong’s spice include turmeric, grease, fish sauce…Anyone who travels in Hanoi should try this dish at least once to get full experience about Hanoi food.
Where to eat in Hanoi
14 Cha Ca, Hoan Kiem District
Price: 30.000đ – 66.000Vnd

5. Bánh cuốn Thanh Trì (Thanh Tri stuffed pancakes)

Bánh cuốn Thanh Trì is one of the oldest dishes of Hanoi food. Its name derived from Thanh Tri village, where made this dish. The cake was made from rice flour that thin that it’s looked like a paper. Thanh Tri stuffed pancake is the pride of Thanh Tri village’s residents.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Although the stuffed pancake is made from the very familiar ingredients, such as rice, oil, and onions, it still attracts a lot of diners by its very delicious tasty. One of the secrets to making the deliciously stuffed pancake is choosing good rice that will make the delicious cake which is thin and silky.

Another important factor to make the stuffed pancake getting attractive is the sauce. The sauce is the combination of fish sauce and sugar which help diners feel the good taste of this food.

Where to eat in Hanoi
Banh Cuon Ba Hoanh 11 To Hien Thanh
Price: 30.000đ – 60.000Vnd

6. Chả rươi (Nereididae Sandworm Omelet)

Sandworm is a kind of marine worm living in brackish coastal waters. Every year, in late fall and early winter, sandworm multiplying more rapidly in the cold weather and resurface on the water. Local people catch sandworms and bring them to markets for sales. Sandworms can be made into many dishes, but the Nereididae Sandworm Omelet is the most favorite one.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Nereididae Sandworm Omelet is a specialty dish in Hanoi. Hanoians loves to enjoy this dish in cold breezy days in the autumn. This dish is a perfect blend of fresh sandworms, pork, eggs, and essential oils of the tangerine peels. The dish tastes greasy, sweet – smells good. Sandworm meat must be quick dipped in boiling water before kneading together with pork and eggs.

Besides, the tangerine peel is indispensable. The meat pie as small as the palm of one’s hand. The pie is fried until it turned into yellow. The dish is best eaten with fresh vegetables and gently pungent sour fish sauce. Now you can feel the fragrance of the tangerine peels along with the scent of cumin.

Where to eat in Hanoi
1. Hang Chieu
Price: 15.000d – 30.000Vnd

7. Bánh rán lúc lắc (Fried shaking sticky rice cake)

In Hanoi, you can find easily bánh rán (fried sticky rice cake) everywhere, from the famous restaurants to the vendors in the streets. It’s can be said that bánh rán lúc lắc is one of Hanoi traditional food.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Why is this dish more special than other ordinary cakes? The answer is in the cores of cake. Bánh rán lúc lắc completely hollow, the crispy and thin crust, so when you shake the cake, you will feel the movement of the round cake core. This is the especially interesting thing making the cake become the favorite dish of many people.

Bánh rán lúc lắc is the favorite dish because of the crispy crust, the fragrance of sesame, the soft and sweet green beans, and the joyful sound when shaken.

Where to eat in Hanoi
196 Thai Thinh
Price: 2000 – 6000 Vnd

8. Bún ốc (Snail noodle soup)

Bún ốc nguội is the pride Vietnamese cuisine, especially Hanoi. A kind of snail living in ponds and lakes which the size of a golf ball is used to make a uniquely delicious dish called bún ốc (snail noodle soup).

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Hanoians usually eat bún ốc for breakfast or lunch, particularly in winter. When it gets cold, it’s great to enjoy a bowl of steaming hot and spicy soup with the chewy but tasty snail in it.

Bún ốc can be found in small shops along streets and alleys or on a pavement where the street stalls have been offering for years.

Where to eat in Hanoi
21 Hang Can, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Price: 40.000Vnd

9. Chả Nhái (Frog pie)

Frog pie is a rustic dish appeared in Hanoi from many years ago. Many rural regions of the North also have this dish, but the way of making frog pie in Hanoi is the most exquisite and special style.

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Frog pie is the most sophisticated, and the most delicious dish which made from a frog. Frogs are not rare, and catching frogs is not difficult but requires the specific times. Frog catchers have to work usually at night. The frog catching way is very hard because people have to wade deeply in the mud, awake throughout the night, regardless of the wind or rain to get some couple of frogs to make frog pie.

Where to eat in Hanoi

Cha Nhai Ba Com, Khuong Thuong Street
Price: 80.000- 100.000Vnd

10. Com Lang Vong (Lang Vong green sticky rice)

Hanoi Food Guide: 10 Must Try Foods In Hanoi

Cốm of Vong village is a cake with a flat rectangle shape and has the green of sticky rice grains which have just been filled with the milky liquid. There are two seasons of cốm cake every year: The first season lasts for only one month. It’s not the main season, so the rice grains are not delicious. The main season of cốm starts from July to October. It’s time of autumn. The time of making the cốm cake is about 10 days before the harvest day; Vong villagers often choose the longest ears of rice with plump grains to make cốm.

Where to eat in Hanoi
Bà Hoan 36/63 Xuan Thuy Hanoi
Price: 5.000đ – 50.000đ

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