Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

There are many reasons for you to traveling in Vietnam such as the beautiful and rustic landscape, the diverse culture… and definitely cuisine is one of it. Vietnam cuisine not only delicious but also nutritious and diversified. A lot of traditional foods and street food here often appeared on the world’s food rankings and get many compliments from famous chefs. In this article, I would take you on a private tour to discover Vietnam cuisine. To know why the Vietnam food so diverse and tasty such!

Vietnam cuisine philosophy based on the combination the rates of ingredients in each meal. Besides the meat as the main component which offers protein for daily meals, vegetables used in large quantities, less milk as well as other additives. Everyone all knows that Vietnam as famous for pho, however, Vietnam has not only pho. As you travel across this country, you will realize there many tasty and nutritious foods that a lot of backpackers all want to eat at least once. Guess where those places are?

1. Hanoi

Besides the cultural and historical relics, Hanoi is a cradle of Vietnam popular foods which shows the city’s culture features: a mix of traditional, modern, delicate and elegant features.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Hanoi has hundreds of dishes to “be addicted”, from pho bo (beef noodle soup), pho ga (chicken noodle soup) with sweet broth, bun cha (vermicelli and grilled chopped meat) with the charmed sauce and bun dau mam tom with boiled meats. In addition, cha ca La Vong (La Vong fried fish), banh cuon Thanh Tri (Thanh Tri pancake), xoi xeo (sticky rice), chao suon (pork rib porridge)… all be the delicious dishes that anyone who travel Hanoi all keen to try.

2. Hue

Talk about Hue food, people often use two words to describe: very spicy and very tasty. Hue food quite spicy, but extremely delicious, rich, charmed, make you even watery eyes (because of spicy) but still want more.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations


The most famous dish in Hue is bun bo (Hue beef noodle) with ingredients including vermicelli, cow’s muscles, pig’s feet, and broth stewed from beef bones. Eating beef noodle which cooked at Hue, it is hard to be satisfied with the noodle soup elsewhere, even if that it cooked by the 5-star hotel chef.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Hue Imperial city is not just bún bò, there’s a delicious specialty which no less attractive. It’s cơm hến (clams rice), it’s eaten with a little shrimp pastes, crispy cracklings, and some herbs, its taste extremely good! Hue Imperial City also famous for its delicious cakes such as bánh bột lọc (Shrimp and Pork Dumplings), bánh nậm (Rectangular Dumpling Recipe), and bánh bèo (Savory Steamed Rice Cakes). The sophistication of the Hue people has made these cakes become an indispensable part of Hue as well as a hallmark of Vietnam cuisine. Besides the common dishes, Hue’s vegetarian dishes also extremely delicate, delicious, worth to enjoy.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Hue desserts are equally attractive. The most popular desserts in Hue are chè (sweet porridge) which famous throughout the country and replicated in many places. Shops of chè Hue located deep in the corners and called by a rustic name: chè Hẻm. Each type of chè has a distinct flavor but all as sweet and delicate as the Hue people. Besides, there’s a traditional drink – Hue royal tea with delicate and elegant prepare. Hue royal tea helps in purifying the body, nutritional health also makes many visitors love.

You can find out some information about Hue food here

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3. Hoi An

Hoi An is not big, but its reputation famous all over the world. Hoi An cuisine has become a trademark, always been complimented by tourists. The food in Hoi An has a characteristic light sweetness along with by spicy taste.

Hoi An is famous for bánh mì, best sandwich in the world. The crispy bread is stuffed with many kinds of fillings plus a special sauce created a unique flavor. The charm of the dish has become a brand in the eyes of many backpackers.

You can visit the world’s best Vietnamese sandwich in Hoi An 

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Traveling Hoi An, you should also try other famous specialties such as mì Quảng (Quang noodle), cao lầu, chicken rice – the specialties of the ancient town. In addition, there’re some street snacks such as bánh đập, bánh vạc, dumplings, and chè (sweet porridge)…all worth to try.

You can see more about Hoi An food here:

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4. Central coastal provinces

Central coastal provinces not only attracted many backpackers with beautiful landscapes but also charmed them by the delicious foods. It can be said that these places as the seafood paradise of Vietnam cuisine with a lot of freshly-caught seafoods at the cheap prices.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Central people have their own way of processing seafood: frying, grilling, steaming, hot pot, sun exposure … to make different tastes, but not affect freshness.

5. Saigon

Saigon is the mix of many cultures of East and West, past and present, So when said about the cuisine of Saigon, people often use words like :special”, “diversified” to describe it. The Saigon foods appear on all streets, corners, includes the luxury restaurants and the street food stalls. If you want to eat all the delicious dishes of Saigon, only a few days certainly not enough.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Saigon is one of the dining paradises of Vietnam cuisine. In the colorful cuisine world here, anyone all can find a favorite food satisfied their tastes. But the most delicious and characteristic dish is “cơm tấm Saigon” (broken rice with grilled ribs served with rice, pickles, sauce). Addition, Saigon has hundreds of other fresh dishes such as phá lấu, sidewalk seafood, and hủ tiếu (Noodle with seasoned and sauté beef ), are delicious and very cheap.

6. Provinces of Mekong Delta

These places as a paradise of fruits, with large gardens, full of fresh and cheap fruits. The fruits of the tropics very sweet, fresh: dragon fruit, rambutan, tangerine, coconut … every season a fruit always makes many tourists cannot resist when get there.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

In addition to the delicious and fresh fruit, Mekong River Delta is also famous for the specialties of the watery and orchard-filled land. Visitors travel Mekong River Delta, when they visit the house of local people, often treated delicious dishes with ingredients available from their gardens, river, with the processing not sophisticated, but the food is very fresh and rich flavor.

There are some specialties of the provinces in the West such as grilled snapper, Can Tho fish sauce, An Giang fish sauce, coconut worms Ben Tre, rice wine of Cai Rang – Can Tho, Tien Giang … The rich flavor of this land makes you just taste once is extremely unforgettable.

Exploring Vietnam Cuisine In Famous Destinations

Besides the delicious and fresh fruit, Mekong River Delta is also famous for the specialties of the watery and orchard-filled region. When you travel the Mekong River Delta and visit the house of locals. They often treated you the delicious dishes which raw material caught from gardens or rivers. The processing not too sophisticated, but the food is very fresh and rich flavor.

Thank you for reading this article. I would like to give you the most complete and useful information about Vietnam cuisine. If you have any questions or need advice, leave a comment below. Thank you! Have a nice trip!

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