Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffeeExploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee is the thing to do when you get Hanoi city. I’m a guy who loves going for walks. So, every time traveling Hanoi, I always take time to walk on Old Quarter. Photographing and exploring Hanoi Old Quarter probably gives you understand something more about resident and Hanoi city.

Wandering under the green trees, photographing of everything, tastes street foods, looking at the bustle and lively streets from the sidewalk cafes…Now, I still remember the street corners, the green trees, people, everything there…

The area of Hanoi Old Quarter is not too large, just a few of small neighborhoods intermingled. Though my feet so tired, still not to reach the whole Old Quarter.

The trip to exploring Hanoi Old Quarter start from Hoan Kiem lake. First, I go around the streets by bicycle to remember the roads and navigate easily. It’s cool and sunshine. I passing through the famous historical monuments of Hanoi. After the trip by bicycle takes about 30 minutes to lead me got back starting point. Now, the time for walking and sightseeing Hanoi Old Quarter.

To walking for a long time comfortably, you should wear neat outfits, sneaker, bring some snacks, and water. If you want to see the bustling streets sight, you may stop and rest at some food stalls on the sidewalk along the Old Quarter.

I love to see the bustling activities of the streets. Sitting at a cafe and photographing of hawkers is my habits in anywhere.

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

The first stop point is Bach Ma Temple. It’s one of the oldest temples where worship the guardian god of this city. Much of its current structure dates back to the 18th century. In 1839, Confucius was added to worship in. This temple was built by Emperor Ly Thai To in the 11th century to honor a white horse lead the way for him arrived here. The king had chosen this place to build the wall of the city.

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

The next stop on my trip is Dong Xuan Market. It’s the biggest trade center as well as being the most bustling area of the Old Quarter. This market sells plentiful of items such as clothes, souvenir. Behind this market is a food area with foods very tasty and prices quite cheap.

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

Next is Ta Hien – Luong Ngoc Quyen crossroad, where owned the most typical features of the old quarter and Hanoi. This place includes a lot of small alleys where retains the traditional values of Hanoi. Indeed, the small alleys are the typical features of Hanoi old quarter, it’s only wide 70cm and appeared about half a century ago. It’s another side completely different from the modern roads, the tall buildings of Hanoi. The alleys like a bridge connect the modern life and the ancient culture features.

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I prefer to stroll in the alleys than the bustling streets. Take a photograph of the temples, the hawkers and daily activities of locals are great moments. It helps me understand and love Hanoi Old Quarter more.

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

The street food stalls like this as the characteristic features of Hanoi. It’s often mentioned in songs, poems … In the free time, Hanoian often sitting on the sidewalk, drink a mug of beer, enjoy roasted peanuts and have chatting with their friends.

The end side of the trip to exploring Hanoi Old Quarter is Hoan Kiem Lake. Name of this lake is derived from an interesting history story. Now, I sit and take a rest on the benches, watching the scenery and enjoy the fresh air. What’s a peaceful afternoon! There’re some olds are exercising, some couples are dating or some beautiful girls are strolling along the lake. I have to photograph a few images to save the nice moments here.

Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoy the street coffee

What do you think of Hanoi Old Quarter and have you ever got there? I’m glad to see your opinion about this place.

 If you want to run away from the pressures of modern life, there’s a peaceful and quiet space will help you takes off the weariness. Let’s arrive at Hoi An ancient town where called Venice of East. There will be many memories for you there!

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