Cheapest way to travel and save budget

Cheapest way to travel and save budget

Cheapest way to travel and save budget

Money can neither be created nor destroyed. Spending your money smartly is the cheapest way to travel and save budget.

1. Do not take along an entirety of the house to go travel

“Travel light” is a simple concept but not everyone can do. If you can not decide what you must bring with you on the trip, the may that you will certainly carry a whole of the house. In other words, you carrying a bunch of unnecessary things, and must pay extra fees for it.

The trick is you should bring light clothes, easy to wash and can wear it many times. Before the trip, you need to estimate the time carefully, check the weather forecast at the destination to take the right clothes.

2. Cheap flights hunting

The best time to buy cheap tickets is about 4 to 6 weeks before the day you plan to go. If you buy a ticket too early (5 months before the flight date) or too late (14 days before flight date), it’s possible that you will be overpriced.

Cheapest way to travel and save budget

If you have to buy a round-trip ticket for a week, choose to fly on Tuesday and return also on Tuesday next week or take flight on Wednesday and back on Wednesday next week.

If there is no necessity to travel on the holiday season, you should not fly in the peak seasons such as summer or Christmas. (You will certainly be ripped off about prices)

Try to hunt tickets in the big promotions, to do this, you need to follows the newsletter of the airlines. When having promotions, you will be informed immediately.

3. Taking the bus, subway or going on foot

Public transports are the cheapest way to travel and get save your money. Furthermore, you have chances to explore the local culture and put yourself as travel like a pro. Use buses, trams, subways, trains, walking … instead of the costly cabs.

Taking public transport, you will experience and explore the lives of destination. Note: If you travel in groups, let rent a car or taxi to get more convenient and private. In some cities around the world, Uber or Grab have very low fare so it is very beneficial to go in groups.

Cheapest way to travel and save budget

Whenever traveling at any destination, I often collect ticket stubs of buses and trains. It is the most obvious proof like as passports when traveling abroad. And it’s also unique souvenirs!

4. If you do not want to show off, stay away from expensive hotels

With a person who is a travel enthusiast, just a comfortable place and reasonably priced. A place in a dorm (dorms-like hostel) of a hostel is quite enough.

If you prefer private space and want to choose a private room, the room type which sharing a bathroom with other rooms, prices are also cheap.

Comparing prices before booking by checking the prices of other accommodation establishments on (this site is very convenient, you can cancel your order without being charged – in a certain time),,, …

Staying for free? CouchSurfing is a free homestay community around the world that can help you stay at home with over 100,000 regionals in many countries.

5. Eating like locals people
Cheapest way to travel and save budget

Eating the most delicious or most special food of destinations despite your budget is not abundant. Going travel to any destination without enjoying its local food is a “loss nothing can compensate.” At each destination, try at least one its specialty food, though may the next day you will have to tighten the purse strings.

Also, let eat as locals people, staying away from restaurants where mainly for the tourists. Arriving places where appreciated by backpackers (Tripadvisor is a good place to look) or eat street foods (in many places, street food even better in the restaurant.) If you want to know where to eat tasty food? Just ask locals people, or wandering and stop at any place where crowded locals people.

– To save money on drinking water, let bring your own water bottle and get water at free offer points.

In addition, if you want to track the expenses according to plan, there should be a “diary” and take the note daily.

6. Searching for the free events

Most museums and art galleries have a free opening day in a week, meaning you can get there at that time! Ask your hotel staff, or searching on the internet. On the local festival occasions or celebration days are another great way to get cheap prices ticket or free. Depending on destinations or country you are traveling, there is almost always having an anniversary day or a cultural event that is about to take place. That’s where you’ll see the music, parades, local foods and people in colorful costumes.

Of course, do not forget the familiar activities of a backpacker: wander and explore! Walking on riverbanks, parks, shopping centers, local markets or handicraft workshops, and getting lost in happiness!

7. Think Clearly Before Buying Souvenirs

Of course, the masks, paintings, or handmade bags are all great – but do you really need it? Remember, besides the expenses, you also have to take along those items until you get home. So, it’s not necessary to buy: Control yourself, walking for around and thinking, you may go back to the market or shop if you really need it.

How do you think about this post? I would like to share with you the cheapest way to travel. Hope my blog will useful for you. If you have feedback, leave comments below.

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