Amazing things about Sapa food

Amazing things about Sapa food

Amazing things about Sapa food

Sapa is a place where has many beautiful sceneries and the cool climate all year round. Moreover, Sapa was also known as a place where has much delicious and unique food. Sapa food is very special, which creates a unique feature of this land. So, one of the things to do in Sapa that you should try to enjoy delicious food when visit here.

As a mountainous area pretty cold in the winter, so the grilled foods are a “famous brand” of Sapa. It’s quite unique unlike anywhere in Vietnam destinations. If traveling Sapa without enjoying grilled foods, mean that you did not understand the uniqueness and variety of Sapa food culture.

The attraction of Sapa food?

Grilled foods are not only available in Sapa, however, perhaps its climate is cool, especially quite cold in the winter, so the grilled foods always bring tourists the nice experiences with the unique flavors. It seems in this remote and idyllic place, each grilled dish so simple, but owns the quintessentially of natural. Sapa food makes everybody all loves and remembered the taste flavor of each dish. How Sapa food so much attracted? Let’s take a look at what’re the dishes of Sapa cuisine.

What ingredients that make Sapa food?

The main factor to create the reputation of Sapa grilled foods is the ingredients which originated from this land. In the cold climate of Sapa, it’s great to hang out together and enjoy the hot Sapa foods.

In the thin fog of Sapa town, I love wandering the town, photographing everything, then enjoying grilled foods and sipping a cup of corn wine. Surely it’s the things to do in Sapa won’t disappoint you.

Beef rolls vegetable (cải mèo)

Amazing things about Sapa food

Beef is thinly sliced, marinated with spices and then rolled with cải mèo ( a specialty vegetable of this place) and grilled on the charcoal. The sweetness of beef along with the light bitter taste of cải mèo dipped with little spicy chili sauces will make it hard for you to skip this dish.

Grilled Pork

Amazing things about Sapa food

Pork is chopped or sliced then skewered, all marinated with spicy before, whenever someone order, it will be grilled.

Grilled chicken feet & wing

Amazing things about Sapa food

Grilled Eggs

Eggs are a popular dish available at anywhere in Vietnam, however, in Sapa, I surprised to know there’s a dish called grilled eggs. In the chilly weather of Sapa, eating a grilled egg also bring an interesting feeling.

Amazing things about Sapa food

Preparing grilled eggs are not difficult but it requires the ingenuity of the chef. If eggs are grilled not good, it will be broken. Eggs are usually grilled well at temperatures of 50-70 degrees Celsius. Each time for grilling, the chef put about tens of eggs on the grid and grilled by charcoal. When the egg is slightly yellowish, take it out and set on the plate. After grilled done, the eggs have the scent of the yolk, crispy tastes of the white. Eggs are eaten with spices, herbs, and ginger.

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Grilled spring fishes

There’re many kinds of spring fishes and especially it not smell fishy. Fishes are grilled on charcoal, then able to eat immediately. Or grill the fish till got crispy, then fried with tomato sauce with curry paste, pepper.

Amazing things about Sapa food

Spring fishes are about the size of 2-3 fingers, usually in dark blue to camouflage easily when hidden into the rocks, moss, and leaves. Spring fishes have a lot of little bones, so locals often fried crispy for able eat all meat and bones. Spring fish is processing very simple, after got the fish, people skewed it by the bamboo skew then grilling it on charcoal and add little spice.

Grilled black chicken

Black chicken is a rare species, the highlight of this chicken is meat and bones are black, low-fat content, firm meat. Meat and bone of black chicken not only have the effect of strengthening the vitality but also have medicinal value is especially in cardiovascular disease. Black chicken is a famous specialty of Sapa food.

Amazing things about Sapa food

Black chicken is processed into many delicious dishes such as fried, fried, steamed, boiled but the most delicious dish is the grilled honey black chicken.

Black chicken is small size, but its firm muscle and the bone is crispy. Chicken marinated well with spices, then dipping on a layer of golden honey. Honey got from the forest so it’s light sweet taste, not too sweet as the honey farms.


Although salmon is raised in many places in Vietnam, however, the salmon farms in Sapa still the most successful place. You will have chances to explore, learn about the process of raising salmon, see the fishes swimming at the foot of Silver Falls. The presence of salmon makes the tourism services of Sapa more attractive, more diverse. The fish farms located at the foot of the Silver Waterfall are the places where most visited by tourists because this place is near the tourist site and located at the foot of Phan Xi Pang.

Amazing things about Sapa food

At an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, the salmon which originated from Europe and America are well raised of in the artificial ponds. Survival characteristics of salmon are they live in “dynamic water” environment, in low temperature below 15 degrees, so all the water in the ponds all led from 1,000 meters of pipes source from the Silver waterfall to the fish farm.

Sapa salmon has meat is pink, own high nutrition value. With the cool year-round climates and a cold winter, even got snow-covered, Sapa salmon’s meat without fat. It’s quality not inferior to imported salmon, suitable for processing in many dishes.

Thắng Cố

Amazing things about Sapa food

Thắng Cố is a traditional food of Hmong ethnic group in Bac Ha, Muong Khuong. Nowadays, this dish is imitated by other ethnics with many ways of processing. However, it still has kept the flavors of viscera and bones of horses, cows, and pigs. Thắng Cố is cooked with lots of herbs. Normally, at the fair, locals cook thắng cố in a big pot for dozens of eaters during a few hours, then it’s scooped out the small bowls. Eating thắng cố and sipping corn wine cup will definitely bring you a pleasant experience unforgettable.

Cắp Nách Pork

This is a kind of pig is raised to wander on the fields freely since birth. They’re not raised and look after by human, they must self-looking for their food in the garden, forest … Because soon to adapt to the living environment, these pigs have very good resistance as wild animals.

Amazing things about Sapa food

Each pig is farmed in such conditions for about a year, depend on where has the better living environment, the pig will grow faster but only about 10kg – 20kg. Locals will bring these pigs to the market for sale. Because of their weight are low, locals tied them and worn over the shoulders then go to the market. That’s why people called it cắp nách.

With cắp nách pork, the chef can cook in many ways such as grilling, frying, steaming…To get the perfect cắp nách pork, it’s can not lack some specific local herbs. These unique spices are mixed with salt, green peppers to create a unique dipping sauce.

Cắp nách porks are cleaned, marinated with spicy and then grilling. The pig’s skin is thin and crispy, the lean meat part is very soft and sweet which only 2cm thick and the last part is bone usually also very small and soft, can chewed easily.

How to enjoy Sapa food?

First, let’s enjoy the corn, sweet potatoes as appetizers. And then eat the main dishes such as cắp nách pork, roast pork or grilled spring fish, grilled egg.

Amazing things about Sapa food

Grilled pork is marinated in spice carefully, wrapped with cải mèo vegetables around, create a tasty grilled meat skewer combine all the flavor of this land. The grilled meat skewers are tough and crispy, you may have to eat more one and more …

You can also enjoy more attractive and strange grilled dishes such as salmon stuffed with herbs, beef roll with vegetables… These grilled foods are very suitable to eat and having a beer together.

In addition, you can eat grilled chicken eggs, grilled half-hatched eggs, bánh dày nướng (grilled sticky rice cake), grilled tofu skew.

Places to eat grilled foods in Sapa

There are many grilled food stalls in Sapa, available everywhere, include the crowded market to small alleys. But the most attractive destination is “grilled food street” on Ham Rong Street, next to the stone church.

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