9 travel recommends for backpackers

9 travel recommends for backpackers

9 travel recommends for backpackers

Paulo Coelho, author of the famous book The Alchemist, as one of my favorite authors. His writing style is gentle, deep and philosophies. I used to read his books such as Like the flowing river, Manual of the Warrior of Light…

He has a blog post which the title: ” Traveling in a different way” give the useful tips for those loves traveling. Now, I would like to discuss these travel recommends with those having the same hobbies with me. See what he say?

1. Stay away from museums

This advice may seem absurd, but let us reflect a little together: if you are in a foreign city, isn’t it far more interesting to seek out the present, than the past? Usually, people feel obliged to go to museums, because ever since they were small they have been told that traveling is a search for this type of culture. Of course museums are important, but they require time and objectivity – you need to know what it is you want to see there, otherwise you will come away with the impression that you saw several things which are fundamental to your life, but cannot remember what they were.

Paulo Coelho offers this travel recommends aim to encouraging you getting more reality experiences at where you visit. However, I’d say that the culture in museums is the dead-culture, the culture in real life is the live-culture. When traveling, I also spend most of my time wandering around the streets, markets, quarters… instead of museums.

2. Arriving Bars

Unlike museums, this is where the life of the city can be found. Bars are not discotheques, but places where the people gather to have a drink, pass the time, and are always willing to chat. Buy a newspaper and observe the bustle of people coming and going. If someone speaks to you, strike up a conversation, however banal: one cannot judge the beauty of a path merely by looking at its entrance.

Bars in the author’s opinion is quite similar to cafes, or food stalls. A place where natives gather to drink a few beers or coffees after a day of hard work, they chatting or simply thinking about life. I totally agree with the travel recommends. When taking travel in anywhere, my first stop always the sidewalk cafes. Drinking coffee after a long journey, watching everything on the new land. Isn’t that great?

3. Be open and forward

The best tourist guide is someone who lives there, knows everything, but doesn’t work at a travel agency. Go out into the street, choose someone you wish to speak to, and ask him or her for directions (where is such-and-such a cathedral? Where is the post office?) If this bears no fruit, try someone else – I guarantee that in the end you will find excellent company.

On the first time I traveling Hanoi, I also applied this travel recommends. It’s really simple but very useful. If you’re traveling abroad, it’s better to take the map and can speak a bit common sentences in local languages.

9 travel recommends for backpackers

4. Try traveling alone

It will be harder work, no one will be looking after you, but this is the only way of truly leaving your country. Group travel is just a disguised way of pretending to go abroad, where you speak your own language, obey the leader of the pack, and concern yourself more with the internal gossip of the group than with the place you are visiting.

I loves solo travel for this reason. Normally, people often go to popular tourist spots, where often appear on advertising posters. They arrive there, eat and take the photograph together then show off on Facebook, that’s all. I like to explore in another angle, close to life, understand more about the culture, locals, lives, everything of that land … It makes me get more knowledge and enrich the life.

9 travel recommends for backpackers

5. Do not compare 

Don’t compare anything – not prices, nor cleanliness, nor quality of life, nor means of transport, nothing! You are not traveling in order to prove you live better than others – your search, in fact, is to find out how others live, what they have to teach, how they view reality and the extraordinary things in life.

I used to tell my friends or the kids about where I have visited, what I’ve ever done there. Each land has its own beauty, and when you love it, you proudly tell about it. When they listen to your stories eagerly, you will love your trips more.

9 travel recommends for backpackers

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6. Believe that everyone can understand you.

Even if you don’t speak the language, don’t be afraid: I have been in many places in which there was no way of communicating with words, and I always found support, guidance, important suggestions, even girlfriends. Some people think that if you travel alone, you will go out into the street and be lost forever. All you need is the hotel card in your pocket, and – should you find yourself in extreme circumstances – take a taxi and show it to the driver.

I have arrived many of places in the world even I can not communicate in local languages. However, I always got the help, some travel recommends, guidance, and even make acquainted with girls there. Some people think that if they take travel alone, once they set foot on the street, will get lost immediately. But just stick your hotel card on the bag, and even if you’re getting lost, catching a taxi and give it to the driver, you will be returned hotel safely.

9 travel recommends for backpackers

7. Not buying too much

Spend your money on things which you won’t have to carry: good theater, restaurants, walks. Nowadays, with the global market and the Internet, you can have everything you want without having to pay for excess baggage.

Of course, shopping is very wasteful. If you in a foreign land, it’s hard to predict what will happen. Therefore, save money to manage risk, not buying out of control!

9 travel recommends for backpackers

8. Do not try and see the world in a month.

It is better to stay in one city for four or five days, that visit five cities in a week. A city is like a capricious woman, who needs time to be seduced and reveal herself completely.

That’s why I love Hoi An ancient town. The ancient town is always my familiar destination. The more I found new things there, the more I get touched closer to the ancient town.

9 travel recommends for backpackers

9. Each trip is an adventure.

Henry Miller said that it is far more important to discover a church no one has heard of, than go to Rome and feel obliged to visit the Sistine Chapel, with two hundred thousand tourists shouting all around you. Go to the Sistine Chapel, but also get lost in the streets, wander down alleyways, feel free to look for something, without knowing what it is. I swear you will find it and that it will change your life.

Having visited so many famous destinations, I realized that in the bigger the city, the more time it takes to explore and learn its identity. At first glance, the cities are all the same with tall buildings, massive architectures, and busy streets. But just take the time to wander the small streets, watch the bushes, visit pubs or cafes in the alley, or chat with passersby, you will recognize hidden beauties of the city. Such simple things are what I remember the most about cities where I arrived.

9 travel recommends for backpackers

What do you think about these travel tips? This is some useful travel recommends from the author along with my own opinion. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave comments below. Glad to see your comments.

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