9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

In the opinion of my friends, Hue Imperial City didn’t impress them. They said that this city is not exciting as Saigon and Hanoi, it’s quite boring, they didn’t know what things to do in Hue. However, I think each Vietnam destination has own beautiful features. Sapa attracted backpackers by its rustic feature, the spectacular roads will remind you of Ha Giang. So, the cultural tradition, cuisine, peaceful life are the things to see in Hue.

If you are looking for a peaceful place, Hue is the ideal choice. Come to the ancient capital, you can wander around the city to see old buildings, ancient architectural works in the city, enjoy Hue royal court music and taste Hue royal cuisine.

In the feudal age, Hue used to be a capital under Nguyen Dynasty until 1945. Residents quite kind and friendly, many historical sites and the characteristic cuisine. This city rather quiet, there’s no more entertainment activities. So, it’s not suitable for those who love thrills and adventure or something looks new, eventful. However, you will change your mind when trying 9 things to do in Hue city I suggested below.

1.  Getting around Hue with cyclo

If you visit Hue for the first time, the great thing to experience takes cyclo to go around and watch the whole view of the city on Truong Tien bridge. With ancient cities such as Hue, Hoi An or Hanoi Old Quarter, go on foot or taking cyclo slowly to look and learning about the daily life of locals is a great thing. Hue Imperial City is not too big and nothing noisy so it’s easy to explore everything here.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Hue city is quite small, but if you visit the attractions by walking within a day is not enough. Sightseeing by cyclo, you not only immersing in the peaceful air but also slowly explore the small roads own the beauty of the ancient capital. The trip will take you visiting the historical and cultural relics such as the Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Dong Ba Market.

On the way, you can stop at any tourist attractions and reward yourself some local foods which own the distinctive flavors only here. Let eat bun bo Hue (Hue beef noodle), nem lui (grilled chopped meat), banh beo ((Savory Steamed Rice Cakes)…You can also visit some old house sell the souvenir items and buy yourself some bracelets, oil paintings, clothes in Hue style.

2. Visit Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba is the large and oldest market of Hue Imperial City. Hue people sell all kinds of items and special local products. Visit Dong Ba Market, you will be got surprised because of this market very clean, neat like a self-managed supermarket, but it gives you a sense of closeness.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Dong Ba is the large market of Hue people, it quite crowded and busy with purchases and sales activities. The products are traded in Dong Ba market very plentiful and diverse as seafood, handicrafts, clothing, silk, silk, jewelry …

Visit Dong Ba Market, you can choose and buy many souvenirs for you or relatives. Besides, there’re many stalls sell famous specialties at affordable prices. Eating in a crowded market is exciting things to do in Hue that you must try.

If you are a female traveler, it will be regrettable if you travel in Hue without trying ao dai at one. Ao dai is a traditional dress of Vietnam, which originated from this place in the 17th century. Since ancient times, Hue city has always been famous in poetry with the image of the girls dressed purple ao dai walking along the Huong River.

3. Enjoy Hue food

Hue Imperial City is not only famous for its historical monuments, kindness resident or the poetic scenery. Hue city also attracts a lot of tourists from famous delicious food. Hue culinary traditions demand that meals must be presented aesthetically, harmonizing food elements, decorations, and colors to create a gastronomic work of art. Most dishes are accompanied with sauces specific to the dish.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

If you have traveled through many destinations in Vietnam, you will definitely find the uniqueness of Hue foods and it only got the delicious taste under the skillful hands of chefs here. The famous dishes of Hue foods such as bun bo, com hen, banh bot loc in Phu Loc village, banh uot in Truoi village, banh nam, che hem, banh canh Nam Pho…

Travel in Hue without enjoying Hue food at least once, that’s a pity. One of the characteristics of Hue culture is culinary culture – the philosophical culinary art of locals here. So, enjoy Hue food is one of the things to do in Hue when you get there. Traveling Hue, let rent a bicycle, exploring the peaceful streets. Anywhere in this ancient city, you can also experience Hue food.

Some information about what to eat in Hue city, look at my article here.


9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Anyone who has been traveling Hue definitely ever eating at che Hem. This is a small alley famous for stalls where sell hundreds of different types of che. These desserts are lightly sweet, not too sweet like che in many other places. Each kind of che is not only had the delicious taste but also get eye-catching colors, attracts eaters.

4. Exploring Lang Co Beach

Flying a kite, riding the bicycle, walking on the smooth sand, try making salt with fishermen, or running a motorbike exploring Hai Van Pass. It’s all the interesting things to do when you get to Lang Co beach, Hue. Lang Co is not only famous for the sea, there’s also the majestic mountains and beautiful lagoons. Fishing in Lang Co Bay is a memorable experience of many people. You can play on the smooth white sand comfortably, flying a kite, watching the blue sky. Lang Co is more than 70 km away from Hue City, this is a great place for those want to enjoy the scenery consisting of both sea and mountain.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Lang Co is the must-see destination for those who love the beach when traveling in Hue. After visiting the citadel, historical monuments, royal tombs, you can spend some time exploring the new great things, enjoy fresh seafood at Lang Co bay.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Besides, you can book a tour visit the Bach Ma National Forest at here. This national forest located about 30 km from Lang Co town. Visit Bach Ma National Forest, you will walk to attractions such as Ngu Ho Waterfall, Do Quyen Waterfall, Hai Vong Dai (watching tower). Besides, you can hire a fisherman with a boat and run along the beach at the foot of Hai Van pass, explore the untouched beach. An emotional day ended when admiring the sunset down on the sea like a beautiful painting.

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5. Listening ca Hue on the Huong River

This is an amazing experience in Hue Imperial City cultural. You should book a dragon boat tour on Huong river and listening ca Hue (a form of classical Vietnamese music of Hue), the great thing to do in Hue at the end of the day. You just to buy tickets for dragon boat tour, get on the boat, enjoy the city’s romantic scene, listen to the sweet and soulful songs with the characteristic voice of Hue people.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Hue Imperial City is quiet with shimmering color schemes on both sides of the river. The ancient monuments getting more magnificent and brilliant in the decorative lights. Run to the middle of the river, the boat shut off the engine to return the quiet space for the place and the singing program starting. Sightseeing on the dragon boat will bring you unique experiences on the history and culture of the ancient capital. Listening to ca Hue and enjoy the night scenery, you have a chance to enjoy a memorable and romantic night with this ancient city.

6. Adventure Tour with Zipline and Highwire

Zipline is not too strange and also appears in some tourist spots of Vietnam. However, I was quite surprised to learn that this adventure game also appears in a dreamy city like Hue. Go to Thanh Tan Hot Springs, hanging yourself on the long cables and sliding from the top to the foot of the mountain, you will experience the very exciting viewing of the view from above.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

At a height of nearly 50m and a length of 560m on the zipline, you will see the winding stream and the green forest at the foot. The wind buzzing in the ears, slipping on the high speed, the short journey within minutes but enough to satisfy the curiosity as well as the excitement of who love thrills and adventure.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Unlike the zipline, highwire is a series of challenges that require ingenuity and flexibility. There are 3 stages with different challenges such as zigzag bridge, shaking ladder, balance bar, grid bridge … will make you sweat after days only at a desk. There’s always have a staff guide and follow you each step so that you can safely pass. To go through all the challenges, you’ll need about an hour hanging yourself on strings about 5 meters from the ground.

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7. Taking a bath in Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

Located in the tourist area of Thanh Tan Resort, the natural hot springs system here attractive a lot of locals as well as tourists. Mineral spring has a hot temperature of 30 degrees, even up to 60 degrees Celsius at the area close to the source. In addition, young people very love some games such as tube slide or water slide in the water park. Take bathing in mineral spring provide nutrients and energy to the body. Improves physical and mental health, detoxifies and contributes to support the rejuvenation of the body.

8. Visit Hue Citadel And Royal Tombs

Surely one of the important things to do in Hue is to spend the time to visit the ancient citadel and tombs of the kings. Wander and admire the vestiges of a long dynasty in Vietnamese history. You will understand and love Vietnam more!

Minh Mang Tomb located quietly amidst the green pine forests; Tu Duc Tomb stretches over a wide area; the large and majestic Dai Noi. It’s the great things to do in Hue you should not miss.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

9. Walking in streets at nights

At night, Hue people often go to bed early, so this city is no much noisy entertainment activities like Saigon. So, young people or those who have a bubbly personality often say that there is nothing to do in Hue. Because of Hue is an ancient capital, so the calmness, peaceful has become the hallmark of this city. Many writers, poets, photographers or people who have romance soul often have sympathy for Hue.

9 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Imperial City

If you have much time, you should rent a bicycle to walk around the city in the night. I used to wander and take pictures on small old quarters when traveling in Hanoi. However, Hue Imperial City is wider than, if I only go on foot then neither time nor energy left to enjoy the scenery anymore! Taking bicycle on the small streets under the tree lines in the night, feeling the quiet atmosphere, the slow rhythm of locals. That’s the greatest things to do in Hue you must try.

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