20 tips keep women safe in solo travel

20 tips keep women safe in solo travel

20 tips keep women safe in solo travel

Get safety is the necessary thing for girls who love taking solo travel. The distant lands always implicit the unforeseen risks. My girlfriend wants to take solo travel too, so I’m so worried about her.

Sometimes women like to take solo travel, aim to affirm themselves or simply just hobbies. Well…that’s great! I like girls who dare to travel alone such. However, there always hidden dangers for those who love to solo travel, especially girls. I can not stop my girlfriend. I just have something to share with her and other girls. Just wish girls get the safety when traveling to the strange place. Just note 20 tips for solo travel below, all girls will be got confident enough to hit the road! And I can be assured.

20 tips for women starting a solo travel

1. Familiarize yourself with solo travel

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

In case you can’t find companion does not mean you will miss the trip, you still safety, even much fun. But don’t let the fear hinder your plan. The truth is:

  • No one starting travel in solo without fear or ashamed.
  • Be familiar with that thing and take the time to enjoy the solo travel trip.

In 2009, I had taken a solo travel trip to Hanoi. It’s the first time I’ve gone far away on my own. My friends had shared me some travel tips and information about Hanoi such as transportation, eating, hotel, prices… At that time, I tried to spare expenses, only allow spent $5 every day, mostly go for walk to sightseeing and explore Hanoi. That’s my first solo travel, and I got nice memories there.

2. Find out the destination carefully

It’s necessary for making a detailed plan for the solo travel trip. Besides, finding out everything about the destination via the internet. First, researching the culture, then the customs of the destination, natives, how to communicating at places where you intend to go.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Information on the internet is not only widely but also free, so let research about where you go as detailed as possible. It’s would be better you know someone who used to get there, they will offer the useful tips for you.

3. Pretending to be a local people

When girls going travel, they prefer wears the colorful clothes to be most beautiful. However, you should not wear the colorful and sexy costume when being solo travel at unfamiliar places. Why? Making yourself stand out and sexy is the shortest way to grab people’s attention, not ruled out of bad guys. Moreover, making yourself be stand out also means telling to natives knows that you are tourists. You can become a victim of overpricing and rip-offs…

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

If you traveling to a country where all people dressing discreetly follow their religious rule and custom. You should not dress in sexy costumes such as shorts, tank tops, crop tops … It’s will make you easily got isolated and hard to approach locals.

Learning the customs and habits of place where you want to go. Pretending to be a local people to integrate into their lives easier.

4. Keep valuable items carefully

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

It’s impossible to know in advance what will happen, especially when being in an unfamiliar place. Be cautious of strangers! At famous and crowded travel spots, you obviously easy be under observation by the bag-snatching, the thieves. You’d better not take along the valuable things when going out such as the watch, jewelry, camera… Remember, when walking on the street, should pay attention to the passport, avoid bring too much cash.

I often split the money into small parts and put it in many different places in the bag. In case I got pickpocketed, the bad guy also can’t take all of my money.

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5. Trying to do everything in the daytime

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

When planning sightseeing somewhere, you should arrange for all activities in the daytime. At nights should be prioritized for soothing activities such as eating or visit cafes because you need to recover health for the next day. Because if you back the hotel too late, you have to sleep more on the next day and it will be waste the whole morning.

6. Should not coming to deserted places in the night

It’s really dangerous to going out alone at night, especially for the girls who taken solo travel. It’s would be nothing to worried if you go to noisy and crowded places, but I can’t guarantee your safety if you walked alone to the deserted places in the night.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

If you were forced to reach the unfamiliar places, you’d better take the taxi instead of walking. If moving by taxi, you should remember the car number carefully and be constantly vigilant around.

7. Learning some local languages

Knowing a little bit of local languages always useful. Learning some simple sentences to communicate at the destination to use as necessary, such as “Help me!”.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

My English skill just at a basic level, not get training professionally. Because enamored for traveling and writing, I’d learned a little English enough to communicate when going abroad. I write this blog in English, to reinforce the self-study skill and share what I experienced with you. I’ll be happy if you have any idea or recommends.

Beside the common sentences, capable of communicate in the local language is a tremendous advantage. It not only helps you faces the danger but also easily got the sympathy of the natives. Let’s learn some simple sentences to say hello, ask for directions, order items …

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8. Making the acquaintance of hotel staffs

When taking solo travel, make acquaintance with hotel staffs very helpful and beneficial. Hotel staffs are the local people, therefore, no one knows the destination better than them. They do not only help you solve problems in the hotel but can give you tips such as where to go, reminders you what to note, and countless other useful tips there.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

When you’re being alone in faraway places, think of the hotel as your home, hotel staffs like your household members. If you have any problems, at least you still have someone to get help. Most of the hotel staffs all friendly and approachable, they are ready to assist you anytime.

On the backpacking trip to Sapa, I’d stayed in a homestay service. I make acquainted with the host, an older woman. She’d give a free map and asked me to dinner. Through stories with that woman, I have felt the hospitality and a lot of interesting things in Sapa.

9. Tell people about your travel plans

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Whether you take solo travel in short or long time, be sure to have at least a few close relatives known your travel plans. Where would you stay? How long you stay? Which the hotel?… When you arrived that place, even if get too excited about enjoying the feeling of freedom, then do not forget to update a bit of information let people know.

10. Share your trip on social networks

You can inform people know what you are doing, where you are. Moreover, when you take solo travel, it’s the good time you interested in sharing people know your trip.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Using social networks to post your images as the way to notify family, friends know your trip. If you meet new friends, connect them via social networks. That’s how to keep in touch with friends for next trips.

11. Always be vigilant and appeared confident

Usually, those who shown scared and puzzled often as the target of the bad guys. So, whether you get lost way or worried about anything, should not express out of the emotions.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Girls should be always take warning everything around, if you feel something unusual, going to the crowds. If you got worried when talking to anyone, try to get out of that situation. Remember, whether you’re enjoying your trip freely, always be stay alert everything.

You should pay attention when using the smartphone on the streets. There have been many phone robbery there. Even big cities such as Amsterdam and London also happen this case. Be attention everything around.

12. Be careful when communicating with strangers

During the solo travel trips, you will have chances to meet many new friends or local people. So when communicating with them, you should not talk about things such as religion and belief. It’s maybe rude things in some countries.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

You’re better to learn about the history and culture of where you going. Be friendly in communicating but still behave correctly with the local people.

The time when I took solo travel to Hanoi in 2009, I did not know anything about this city. I’d bought a map and wandered the streets. If I have any questions, I asked local people, especially the elderly or someone who looked kind. Although I’m a guy, nothing to worried like girls, however, communicating and received enthusiastic assistance from locals is also nice experiences for a solo travel trip.

13. Do not share too much information with new people

If you meet a new friend, do not take the easy share all personal information with them. Even if you feel they’re how close or get along well, but be cautious a bit. If possible, should not let them know you’re being solo travel in a strange place.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

There are some things you should not be told them out such as where you stay, hotel room number, personal information such as home address, telephone number, workplace, …

You should learn some self-defense tricks. It is not only useful for girls who love solo travel but also for women in general. Once you know how to self-defense, you will be in confidence and then everything will become simpler. My girlfriend also learned a little karate, and I’m always being the victim in her exercises!

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14. Remember: You’re never alone

If someone said, “There’s nothing interesting in solo travel!”. No, they’re completely wrong. You will have a lot of great experiences, get new friends during the trip. You easy to make new things, new memories with new friends. It’s the time to enjoy the good things.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

However, not believe too much in strangers or avoid falling into a bad situation. If anyone approached you and make you felt uncomfortable, get out of that situation with the words: “Sorry, I have an appointment” or “My boyfriend has just gone out, he will come back soon. ”

Sometimes let remind yourself that you’re not alone when feeling self-pity.

15. Always keep copy of important documents

How would you feel if one day suddenly lost important documents like a passport in the solo travel trip? Even worse, you can hardly back home. I can’t imagine what scenarios are going to happen. Therefore, you should keep a copy of the necessary documents. Store the photos of passport, ID cards on the phone or laptop also a good solution.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Copy of these documents will good for you in applying for a passport renewal. It also helps identify you with the embassy or local authority so that they can assist you easily.

16. Always save emergency numbers on the mobile phone

You should buy at least a SIM card when you traveling abroad. In case of emergency, you can call the police, or call for help. Asking for emergency numbers at hotel you stayed and save it on your phone (hotel phone numbers, police numbers, ambulances, etc.).

In addition, the phone with the internet connection will help you to use Google maps, GPS, receive messages, live streams …

17. Do not wear headphones regularly

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

How often do you wear headphones while walking, waiting for the plane? It’s great to enjoy music and immersed in own thoughts. However, sometime it’s caused you to lose focus and not notice everything around. That’s the time you are not staying alert. In an unfamiliar place, this very dangerous. Remember, for women who are being solo travel, the most important thing is always to be attentive to surroundings!

18. Drink for fun, not be drunk

Alcoholic beverages can make your evening more fun but it also the enemy putting you in dangerous situations. Drinking a little, just for fun and relax with new friends, drink too much will lead to unintended consequences, especially girls.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Even in the joyful party, do not forget you still being alone in the distant land. Drinking in limited, keep yourself awake enough to be aware of the surroundings. If you got drunk and someone approached you, get out of there and go to the safe place. If you’re in the bar or nightclub, ask for help from waiters because of they know clearly all kinds of guests there. Waiters can help you go out safely.

19. Overcome the feeling of homesickness

The loneliness is one of the difficulties that girls in solo travel often faced. On the long trips, you can not avoid the homesickness. Or feel lost in the unfamiliar city, seeing people happy together will felt to self-pity.

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

But look on the positive side, if you go solo travel, you get more wonderful things than at home, you able to enjoy every moment. Don’t worry! You’re going home soon.

20. Do not forget to buy travel insurance

Last but no less important, buy travel insurance. Many people skipped this step when traveling. They think that buying a travel insurance is an unnecessary and expensive thing. But please, believe me, buy travel insurance is very necessary for the trip, especially when you are female and love solo travel!

20 solo travel tips keep women safe in the strange place

Travel insurance can help you much when getting abroad such as when having a illnesses need to see the doctor, hospitalization … Of course, nobody wants bad things to happen but insurance will help you get more peace of mind.

You will realize that go travel is as important as when you go to school. Let take a solo travel trip at least for once in your lifetime before you are tied to work, marriage, children … Experience many different cultures, meet many people to improve your understanding and knowledge. To understand and overcome the limits of yourself, to know what you really need and expected. Isn’t that the question that each person trying to find?

Those travel tips above are not only useful to women but also to men. There’re some things you may think that it is simple and not too important, but in case you go to an unfamiliar place, be safety first. I in the habit of wearing headphones while walking on the street, but only if I’m at home. When I get to a strange place, I give up this habit. What will happen if a car rushes into me while I didn’t hear anything? This is what I had experiences and summarize from the trips, hope it will be useful travel tips for you. What do you think of this post? If you have any comments, please leave below.

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