11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

Drinking snake wine, traveling by motorbike, catching motorbike taxi…there’s a lot of the crazy things to do in Vietnam that many backpackers should experiences. Try new things, which you never did, to understand more yourself, happier. For some people, Vietnam is quite strange about culture, scenery, people, a completely unfamiliar place! Let experience new things in a strange country. Believe me, there are so many things to do in Vietnam! Traveling is to explore and experience! Yeah, let’s do that.

Whether you still young or you want to experience new things, there are always places to go and some crazy things to do in Vietnam.

1. Stay overnight in Halong Bay

Ha Long always be an interesting destination for many people, especially in the hot summer. If you travel in groups, can take camping overnight. The space in Ha Long very large and airy, suitable for camping. Camping in Ha Long, you will be feeling the wild beauty of the majestic limestone mountains. Especially at night, when everything getting quiet, you could hear the waves crashing on the shore. All made a charming Ha Long.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

Besides, one of the things you should do in Halong Bay is taking overnight on the yacht. It’s an activity attracted many backpackers because it gives them a lot of new emotions: Angling the fishes, squids in nights, experiencing the life of fishermen in the fishing villages of Halong Bay, enjoy romantic space.

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2. Drink snake wine

It is hard to determine what thing the snake secrete in the wine, and many people have run away when just seeing a wine jar with full of snakes. If you want to do something crazy to scared your friends get frightened, try drinking a cup of snake wine at least once. And I’m not kidding, snake wine can make you really “crazy”.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

Drinking snake wine can be an enjoyable experience, however, I do not encourage you to try this. We can not know exactly the origin of the wine, it’s may the fakes. We do not have any knowledge in this area, it is easy to get poisoned if there is any reaction. You arrive in Vietnam for travel, explore, experience, not going to the hospital!

3. Travel around Vietnam on motorbikes

If you really want to see and experience all of Vietnam destinations, forget the bus, plane or train. Instead, choose a motorbike for yourself and hit the road. Let enjoy the feeling of freedom when riding on the dusty roads without know where you will stop. Surely you never find it in the travel tours.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

Of course, this kind of travel is not for all people. But if you are a wanderlust and not worried about the troubles on the way, start your journey right now. The highlands and mountains of Northwest Vietnam will be the ideal hint for your trip.

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4. Take Motorbike taxi in Ho Chi Minh City

It must be said that traffic in Vietnam is very scary. That why many people commented the traffic in Vietnam as “crazy”. But besides that, it is also very interesting.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

If this is your first time to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), let try motorbike taxi at least once. Staying in a motorbike taxi and blends into the traffic chaos here, you will be got agitated a bit, but it’s safer than drive by yourself in the messy traffic of the city.

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5. Wandering in Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien Street in Vietnam is similar to Khao San Road in Bangkok, however, it’s more crowding and fun. You can sit down and having beer on the tiny plastic stool that sits along the sidewalk. And if you want to have a more “crazy” night, let talking with people who from around the world, drinking beer in a place where you not never ever arrive yet – but that is fun.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

I especially like bustling places. At Hanoi, there’s Ta Hien street also a gathering place of many backpackers like this. Take sightseeing Bui Vien street at least once, what if you meet a friend who also takes travels in Vietnam?

6. Conquer the roof of Indochina

Fansipan is a mountain located in Sapa, where attracts many tourists in Vietnam. This is the highest mountain in Indochina with a height of up to 3,143 meters. And get on the top of this mountain is not easy either. It takes a few days to reach the top of the mountain, but in return, you will be immersed in clouds, forests and the majestic beauties. This is not a crazy thing, it one of the things to do in Vietnam you should try.

7. Wandering Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is a place retains many memories of old Hanoi, place witness the history and many changes of this city. Over the years, Hanoi Old Quarter still kept its ancient features. So, sightseeing the old quarter always topped in lists of things to do in Vietnam when traveling to Hanoi.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

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8. Seeing the full moon festival in Hoi An ancient town

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

There is nothing more romantic than experiencing the Hoi An ancient town on the night of the full moon. At this time, the ancient town is shimmering by the brilliant lanterns. It takes you back to the ancient space of a busy commercial port.

Besides, traveling Hoi An, you should try tailoring services. You may think this is the crazy thing. But try the models that no one ever thought of. Dressing in a colorful costume or a wedding dress made of red silk which designed by yourself. The price of tailoring in Vietnam is very cheap, so try something makes you burst out laughing.

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9. Take a tour on the Huong River in Hue Imperial City

Traveling Hue Imperial City, in the evening, you should take a sightseeing tour of the Huong River, hearing the Hue songs and enjoy the view of Hue city at nights. It will be a wonderful experience at the end of the day. Buy tickets get on the boat, enjoy the scenery and listen to the sweet, deep songs. Hue city was known for its quiet air and the royal style. Book a sightseeing tour on the Huong river, you will have chances to feel all of the Hue city.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

Besides, you should visit the historical monuments if you interested in knowledge of history and culture. Traveling Hue Imperial City will bring you the great and unforgettable experiences. Hue city not only owns the natural beauty, historical relics. Enjoy Hue food also the things to do if you arrived here.

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10. Visit floating market in Mekong Delta

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

Mekong Delta Zone with a lot of rivers and canals, orchard gardens, vast fields. It’s the ideal destination for many backpackers. Visit the floating markets to know more about the locals, cultures and the friendly of people here.

11. Visit Ben Thanh Market

One of the things to do in Vietnam, especially in Saigon is to visit Ben Thanh Market. Ben Thanh Market is one of the typical locations of Ho Chi Minh City and considered the symbol of the city. This is the oldest market in Saigon and used to be a trading center of Indochina. You should take sightseeing Ben Thanh Market to find out the life of the locals, the variety of goods and enjoy the delicious foods. Of course, you should keep personal possessions carefully avoid got pickpocketed. You will definitely have a memorable experience.

11 crazy things to do in Vietnam for backpackers

What did you do when traveling in Vietnam? What is your viewpoint on the things to do in Vietnam I said above? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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